Championship Program (15-18 Year Old)

Championship Program 15-18 Year Old

The Championship Performance Program is designed to maximize athletic potential through elite strength and conditioning protocols. Athletes at this level are exposed to the most detailed speed, strength and agility instruction.

These athletes will be pushed to become stronger, faster, more agile, and in better shape.

In the weight room, these athletes will be instructed in proper form and will be pushed to become as strong as possible through sound weight training protocols. The weight-training portion of this program is structured just like a collegiate lifting session.

The goal of the Championship Performance Program is to adequately prepare the high school athlete to maximize their potential at the high school level. Our staff will focus on both the mental and physical aspects of training.

Should the athlete have the opportunity to participate in college athletics, our goal is for the athlete to step into a collegiate sports program and be ready to compete on day one.

Athletes participating in this program are expected to show up every day with a good attitude and a desire to work harder than all other athletes.